At ZOi Films we are dedicated to the innovation and development of new products. We work with all types of customers, from small entrepreneurial companies all the way up to internationally recognized corporations. Our sole purpose is to meet each individual company’s specific and unique need. ZOi Films partners with customers to find the best film and process for their requirement. We dedicate a large percentage of our time to research and guarantee that our customers are satisfied they are receiving the best film for their application at the most economical price.

Plastic films continue to evolve and remain in the forefront of packaging innovation. As the world appreciates supplies of products with less spoilage, producers of animal crackers to zucchini appreciate cost effective, FDA approved, printable and sealable, and barrier films to maximize the benefits to the marketplace. Some of the common films ZOi Films offers include:

With over 20 thousand varieties of film properties available, plastic film’s adaptation into industrial application continues to grow – Printability, coatability, and machinability are just a few of the of the traits that plastic films exhibit. Domestic as well as imported varieties of films are available.

Flexible ducts are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as other specialty ducting applications. These ducts are a cost-effective way of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort. They are typically made of flexible plastic over a metal wire coil to shape the duct. Many ZOi Films products are UL-recognized components and used for both the core as well as the outside of the jacket of the duct. As a domestic and international supplier of material, ZOi Films offers high volume prices on low quantities of product.

Archival films offer protection to some of the most valuable books in both personal libraries and universities. High clarity, low gloss, acid free films are offered for a variety of applications.

Carton window films can be used for a variety of applications to feature the carton’s contents. Enhanced shelf appeal of the product draws more customers. Research shows that customers are more likely to buy a product that they can be seen through the packaging. ZOi Films supplies the most crystal clear films with excellent scratch resistance, strength and puncture resistance.